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Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation and therapy services

Our rehabilitation programs help participants restore abilities after an illness or injury. Rehabilitation services are available to current residents and those who need a short-term stay during their recovery period. 

Parkside Ellijay offers inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, including occupational, speech and physical therapy. 


Rehabilitation Features 

Treatment goals

Our programs allow participants to view and track their progress, gaining encouragement and momentum while in therapy.  

Personalized plan

A team of highly skilled professionals evaluate a participant’s needs and determine the best treatment plan for improvement. Plans may rely on a variety of restoration methods, such as speech, occupational and physical therapies – all offered by Parkside Ellijay. As a participant progresses, our team adjusts his or her plan.

Scheduling flexibility

Outpatient appointments are available seven days a week and adaptable to most agendas. Sessions range from 30 minutes to an hour. 

Treatment specializations

  • Hip and joint replacements
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Stroke and other neurological conditions
  • Cardiac-related ailments
  • Pulmonary conditions
  • Wound care
  • Gastrostomies or gastric feeding tubes
  • Tracheotomies
  • Other surgeries


Inpatient therapy is a rest stay between a hospital stay and returning home. If your physician believes you need additional support before regaining independence, he or she may recommend admission to a nursing facility, skilled nursing or post-acute rehab facility. Parkside Ellijay meets all of these criteria. 


What to bring:
Medicare card
Supplemental insurance card
State ID or driver’s license
Social Security card
Power of attorney documents
Advance directive or living will documents
Completed Medicaid application if applicable

What to pack:
7 changes of wash-and-wear clothes (elastic bands are recommended)
4 changes of night garments
7 changes of undergarments
7 pairs of socks
1 robe
Walking shoes
Nonskid slippers
Dental care products
Comb and hairbrush
Other desired toiletry items
Favorite pillow or throw
Books or reading material
Favorite pictures

Specific qualifying guidelines may apply. Inpatient rehabilitation is primarily covered by Medicare Part A, but additional payer sources like commercial insurance, private pay or Medicaid may cover services. 


 Outpatient therapy is offered seven days a week, with flexible hours and schedules. Attend your therapy appointment and return home the same day. Sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Why travel miles away for the same great care you can receive at home? 

Specific qualifying guidelines may apply. Outpatient programs are primarily covered under Medicare Part B, but commercial insurance and private pay options are available.  


Parkside Ellijay proudly partners with BenCura Rehabilitation Services to provide progressive, reliable, outcome-focused therapy. Learn more about BenCura